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Wilkerson Custom Furniture is not limited to creating stand-alone pieces. I am able to craft custom cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, or office break room. My custom cabinets are made with the same high-quality wood that you find in each of my other pieces, so you can be confident that your cabinets will continue to look good after years of use.

My use of veneer wood throughout my work is especially useful with my custom cabinet work. With my process, you are able to choose the most aesthetically pleasing wood veneer for your cabinet location, whether that be mahogany, cherry, oak, or a variety of light woods I have available. Once your wood is selected, I seal it onto a lighter wood.

This process makes your cabinet doors lighter, giving you easier access into them. More importantly, it considerably lowers the cost of your cabinets, so you are able to get that first-class look, without breaking the bank. My custom cabinets come with all of the available accents you can find on my other custom products. You are able to choose your cabinet handles, the overall design of your cabinets, and the placement of shelves and extra levels within the finished product. Most importantly, I am committed to accurately measuring and sizing your cabinets, so you can rest assured that there will be no issues with the placement of your cabinets in your home or office!

Cabinet making is a skill best left to the experts, so don’t trust a run-of the mill woodworker to create your cabinets. Instead, come to Wilkerson Custom Furniture, where a seasoned professional with an eye for design will create your custom cabinets in Houston, TX at an agreeable price!

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